Gifski makes it easy to edit, convert, and share your videos as GIFs. It produces the highest quality GIFs on the market. It's a free and open source Mac app.
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We launched Gifski on Product Hunt a year ago. This week, we shipped Gifski version 2, which has been in the works for many months. New in v2: ✅ Refreshed UI ✅ Video trimming ✅ Precise control of dimensions ✅ Copy, share, or drag the GIF ✅ No forced save dialog ✅ System service You can find the full changelog here. And we are far from done! Next, we plan to introduce the ability to produce lower-quality GIFs for smaller file size, which can be useful for longer clips. We also need to improve the file size estimate. We could use some help on that one. Gifski is open source and we welcome any kind of contributions. 🙌 FAQ What do you mean by "high-quality GIFs"? Most other tools generate a single not-so-great palette for the entire 256-color animation. Gifski, in contrast, uses pngquant to make a unique palette for every frame, and combines colors across frames, using thousands of colors in a GIF. The result is so nice you may not believe it's a GIF, but it really is 100% GIF! The downside is that GIF as a video format is incredibly inefficient and the file sizes are usually large. Is it made with Electron? No, it's a native app made in Swift. The GIF generation part is done in Rust. Can you support Windows/Linux? No, I'm a Mac developer, but there's a cross-platform command-line tool available. Can you support macOS 10.12 or lower? No, it uses macOS 10.13 APIs.
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Love this app — super useful!
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High-quality GIFs? Sign me up all day, everyday. Thanks for building such a great tool for us users to use :)!
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This is awesome. Been looking for a high-quality gif service for our app that's launching next month. Will give it a try!
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