Gifski is the highest-quality video to GIF converter.

GIFs don't have to look like a dog ate them. Gifski creates GIFs with smooth gradients, correct colors, and rarely any dithering.

Just drag and drop to convert!

The app is for macOS 10.13 or later.

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ffmpeg by default uses a fixed palette, making GIFs awfully dithered. Other tools aren't much better — they mostly generate a single not-so-great palette for the entire 256-color animation. is different. It uses pngquant to make unique palette for every frame, and combines colors across frames, using thousands of colors in a GIF. The result is so nice you may not believe it's a GIF, but it really is 100% GIF. Only gotcha: GIF as a video format is incredibly inefficient. Don't be surprised when your video clip's filesize balloons when taken back in time to 1989, but hey, it'll work everywhere.
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LOL, love how you change the mouse cursor when hovering over the Mac App Store button. 😂
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Hey. Kornel and I made this app over the past month. It's a Mac app front-end for his amazing GIF encoder by the same name. If you don't know Kornel, he's the creator of ImageOptim, which many of you probably have used, and lots of other image related projects. FAQ Can you support Windows/Linux? No, I'm a Mac developer, but there's a cross-platform command-line tool available. Is it made with Electron? No, it's a native app made in Swift. The GIF generation part is done in Rust. Can you support macOS 10.12 or lower? No, it uses macOS 10.13 APIs.
This... this is an intuitive application that will make my workflow much quicker when creating and posting gifs to Dribbble. creates a much cleaner and more detailed gif. Great work @kornelski & @sindresorhus
Another quality release fam ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Thanks for your work @sindresorhus 🚀