for Mac

Inspirational screensaver that shows gifs you like

I'm super excited to present you the GifSaver, revolutionary screensaver with random Gif images. Finally! Millions of GIFs for your desktop distracting you from work. You can specify keywords to narrow the range of randomness. Use it as a tool for inspiration if you are a designer, or relaxation if you are developer or entrepreneur. It works best for parties, holidays, homes with kids, workspaces and even hospitals and police departments. Because everyone loves GIFs! Unleash the power or random GIF and make your life brighter today! If you have any idea how we can make the GifSaver better — please, let us know in the comments.
Awesome idea! loved the video ;)
fun idea! congrats with the launch!
@edoam Thanks, man :)
My favorite tag is 60s! try it )
Sounds like a fun idea.. However, It gave me an error upon installing, and now when trying it out I just get a black screen with nothing happening. Sadly.