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Hey internet! Welcome to and The GIFs Player! Today we're excited to announce funding from Biz Stone, Binary, Foundation Capital, and 1517 and to announce the GIFs Player. We think every GIF should be: faster and more beautiful (webm) link and drive traffic back to the full source video drive traffic back to a destination (creator, article, more information about what's going on). With the GIFs Player, you can click watch full video and see the full video instantly. You can also link it back to any rich content. It's beautiful. We're seeing companies use The GIFs Player to drive traffic back to products or causes, journalists using The GIFs Player to drive traffic back to their articles, and even YouTubers using it as a great preview for their videos on twitter, tumblr and beyond. Enjoy and we hope we can make GIFs just that more awesome. Did I mention it works on twitter, tumblr, etc? The GIFs Player on Twitter! You can click watch full video on the bottom right, and see where I decided to link the GIF back to (I did Donald's twitter). ^ I wish that were in the player and could link to something awesome! Feel free to reach me at for press or job inquiries
@rorybro Sweeeet updates & domain!
@tzhongg Thank you Tiffany! :D
I love!
@ericnakagawa Ayyyy Thank you Eric :D. We all miss you.
Hey there! This is a great opportunity to all the people that use gifs everyday, it will definitely increase traffic to the video. Just one question, how do you make it compatible for every site? For example, I know Tumblr used to have a limit of 1MB size on gifs, otherwise it wouldn't load - that's why they sometimes are sets of small gifs with normal quality... how are you going to make that on your site? Are there limits and restrinctions to every site? Does the quality depends on the site is being uploaded? Thanks in advance for your answer!
@rutgerteunissen Hi Rutger! Thanks so much for your question. For tumblr we have a tumblr share button on that shares our embed code for the player on tumblr, so rather than being a bulky low quality gif, it's a beautiful high quality gif in the gifs player that links back to the source video and perhaps more. For twitter we have twitter cards. For sites that want to use the player, they use our embed code :). As long as they get the player our with the embed, the quality is amazing throughout.
very nice, congrats rory ;)
@gabriel_whaley Gabriel! Many thanks and cheers. Come visit? ;)
Been waiting around for linkable gifs. Great work guys!
@theezaven Thank you Doug! That makes us v happy ^_^