Search for GIFs on Giphy, Tumblr, and reddit on your Mac

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I've been waiting for this app my entire life.
Hello there, I started work on this in 2012, and finally got it on the Mac App Store. It's a really nice way to find, and keep track of GIFs on the internet. It's open source, and available for anyone to improve on my github:
@orta I didn't know I needed this, but I do now. Busloads of fun. Very time-consuming though.
@t55 it was super distracting to work on too, but worth it for the greater good.
Any chance for an AppleScript integration? So I can hook this up to @alfredapp?
@alfredapp @altryne What are you looking for? to be able to send a query to the app?
@alfredapp @orta Yup, and maybe show previews in alfred? not sure if possible...