Create GIFs from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and many more

Create high quality GIFs without watermark from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter, Instagram and many more. Built in powerful YouTube search allows to find videos quickly without leaving the site. Select from large selection of fonts to add text to GIFs.
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This project is a complete rework of GIF maker I started while back. Original version was an overly ambitious GIF maker app that tried to do all things GIF. As time went on, it became bloated with features as well as the ability to generate it from various sources, such as photos, video, YouTube, etc. As the saying goes, it was a jack of all trades and master of none. It was also using outdated cloud technology that didn't scale well. After researching a better way of creating high resolution GIFs, I set out to rebuild GifRun from scratch. The idea was to concentrate only on one thing and do it better than has been done before by anyone, to create the best YouTube GIF maker. The new GifRun was built from ground-up to scale and the UX was designed around the speed and ease of use on desktop and mobile. It has a powerful built-in YouTube search, making it easy to find any video without leaving the site. Looking for honest feedback as well as suggestions on improving the service.
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@filixmog And that's why Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication :). Awesome product.
Absolutely love this, well done 🙌
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@lachlankirkwood I appreciate that. Thank you!
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@mikaelpittam Thats great! Thank you so much Jason!
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