Your startup pitch, in an animated GIF

#5 Product of the DayAugust 01, 2015
GIFpitch walks you through a few screens of entering text to make an animated GIF with your elevator pitch that you can share on Twitter, email, text, and more. Provide details about your business or idea and get feedback from other users to refine your pitch
@craigdeakin thanks for hunting GIFpitch! We made it as a side project in a few weeks as a new way to get your idea out in front of others in an different way. We'd be happy to answer any questions, hear suggestions, feedback, etc. thanks!
What was the thinking behind GIFpitch - what made you want to build it?
@corleyh good question. We thought sometimes it was difficult explaining an idea in a tweet or a few sentences and it's really tough to share a pitch in PPT or PDF . We thought animated GIFs would be a cool way to share ideas because most devices support them and Twitter is a great medium to share GIFs.
Any listeners (VCs, Angels, Potential Co-Founders) already on board to see/hear the pitch?
@das_vicky hi right now it's just @krlnwll and I working on GIFpitch. It started as a small side project and we're pumped to see it on Product Hunt today!
Ha! we raised some money by explaining our company in a GIF with NewsGIF Good idea to enable for others. Just a friendly product suggestion: You may want to drastically limit the characters per slide to force constraints (benefits both investor viewers and pitching companies). Also, do a character count on each slide to determine when it transitions between slides. Cheers.
@joshbarkin Thanks for the suggestion Josh! We will look into incorporating that in a future release.
I'd like to see more real life examples. I think a gif could be a great way to get your point across, but animated plain text seems amateur.
@ryanmac Thanks for the feedback, we are planning on adding additional features to the GIF creation process in our future releases to add some extra pop and custom flare to the GIF.