Delightful GIF Recording App for Mac

Gifox is a beautifully designed and masterfully crafted app that records your screen into animated gifs – the great alternative between static images and full-size videos. It's your best companion for micro-screencasts and product demos, animated instructions and bug reporting, selective on-screen video capturing.

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The logo look to much like GitLab, but the service seem nice and more complete than
@francisperron Gitlab, HappyFoxChat and Gifox logo all resemble each other :)
@gorkemcetin @francisperron True that. Also, Vox media. Not intentional though.
@francisperron @gorkemcetin @manikarthik oh lord, HappyFoxChat and Vox Media too? 😰 Hehe, true, you got us. There were plenty of choices for a fox theme, but we wanted something very plain and very simple. I guess at the end of the day it all comes down to something like that – orange and geometric.
@ianbytchek @gorkemcetin @manikarthik I absolutely understand you! Its like for my business, we use a G and it look like Google.
CloudApp is my go-to GIF-recording tool but this looks pretty slick too.
@rrhoover do you use it for making quick product demos? GIFs work for us but i make a vid, export the vid to GIFrocket, convert the file, and then send. Annoying...
@rrhoover also is Ylvis making a comeback? GitLab has almost the exact same logo and that was hunted yesterday...
@dleesta actually, like @rrhoover says, you can use CloudApp for GIFs (you can choose between video or gif) and it is what I've been using for demos, too, but it is all automatic and the result not always great. Those extra options on Gifox look promising!
@rrhoover a huge fan of @CloudApp here, was absolutely thrilled when they did gif support two years ago. It must have suited their purpose, but was shorthanded – low fps on free version, limited recording time, very little control, and I might have missed something, but it was dropped in favour of videos. In the context of sharing, what they have is the best product out there, in the context of gif creation – there's a big void.
Hey everyone, Ian here – one of creators. Wow guys, you are totally rocking my day. We wanted to do a quiet launch, have some feedback, make it into a decent app, then go public. Apparently @t55 had his own mind and decided to do that for us, so I've spent all day replying to bug reports… I'm so happy many of you have liked it, it's so far from being finished or perfect, as some have already found out, contains a few bugs. Sorry for a pixilated horror people with retina displays, the update is already submitted to Apple. For those who get a crash when starting to record – try selecting the output directory in preference one more time, that should fix it. Any problems, questions, suggestions, wishes on sharing integration – please email us, contact details are on the website. More greatness is on it's way, I'll be posting here and on Twitter – @gifoxapp. Peace!
What a great concept. Record all those small thingies you need to illustrate into an animated gif that you can share easily. Lovely!
@t55 thanks for featuring this! The fun part about gif format – it's older than some of us, many call it lame and want to kill it off, but there's nothing like that. It's one image that contains many, beyond the entertainment, it's great at telling everyday stories that happen on the screen. Yes, it's far from perfect, it's not an answer to everything, but with the right tools it can be so much more!
stop teasing me! i want it nowwww
@mayhabib ready! There're a few small issues, see my earlier comment