Punch your camera roll in the face - animated gifs fall out.

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Thanks Tyler for posting us, glad you liked it enough to beat us to the punch on posting it to Product Hunt. I'm the dev building GiFmojo. Today I wrapped up the first update and am about to ship it to Apple for review. We are adding the ability to create GIFs from scratch, order the frames in your animation, and add more frames. What else does the Product Hunt community want to see? We're here and listening to your feedback, or drop us a line in the app or on the website.
Waaaaaaat is this black magic. Dope. Super dope. πŸ‘ U gotta do a better job of explaining the app in your screenshots. I thought it was a gifboom clone at first. But damn this app dope, gotta get users on the screenshots hook. Also didn't realize the message button sent to iMessage at first. It's disconnected from the share actions. Other than that. Look forward to your updates. πŸ’Ž
My new favorite GIF making app.
This is truly the coolest gif maker on the planet. My friends are blown away when they see it work. Great team as well. Good guys.
Just tried this out as it was the top-rated gif app on here when I did a quick search. Wasn't sure if paying $0.99 to remove the logo was a one-off payment though. Still not too sure.