GifJif 2.0

Add your face to any GIF

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It's so funny!) Thanks guys, well done!!
I just want to let everyone know that if you search fro Ryan Hoover, rrhoover in Giphy or /giphy [rrhoover, gifjif] in Slack you too, can have this GIF, for any use case you want.
Cool app. Are you guys using any open source libraries to build this?
@matthui Nothing major. Some caching and UX spinner libraries. Backend is built with Firebase and AWS. Anything specific you were looking for?
Lol yes. If you made the UX more sleek, you could get traction with your audience - teens and young adults.
@allthingsmarco Thanks Marco! Any advice for making the UX more sleek? Would love the feedback!
Am I using it wrong, or do you actually have to pay to add a face to a GIF?
@samjohnson__ You can upload your own custom faces for free. If you want to use a facepack then you can pay for the pre-built faces. Click a face and then click custom and the plus sign.