GifJif 2.0

Add your face to any GIF



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Oleg Kuklin@oleg_kuklin · Digital-marketer at
It's so funny!) Thanks guys, well done!!
Max ShawMaker@_maxdshaw · Co-Founder of GifJif
@oleg_kuklin Thanks!
Niv DrorHiring@nivo0o0 · VC at Shrug Capital
I just want to let everyone know that if you search fro Ryan Hoover, rrhoover in Giphy or /giphy [rrhoover, gifjif] in Slack you too, can have this GIF, for any use case you want.
Matthew Hui@matthui · Founder @
Cool app. Are you guys using any open source libraries to build this?
Max ShawMaker@_maxdshaw · Co-Founder of GifJif
@matthui Nothing major. Some caching and UX spinner libraries. Backend is built with Firebase and AWS. Anything specific you were looking for?
Marco Marandiz@allthingsmarco · Product at HomeAway
Lol yes. If you made the UX more sleek, you could get traction with your audience - teens and young adults.
Max ShawMaker@_maxdshaw · Co-Founder of GifJif
@allthingsmarco Thanks Marco! Any advice for making the UX more sleek? Would love the feedback!
Sam Johnson@samjohnson__ · Developer
Am I using it wrong, or do you actually have to pay to add a face to a GIF?
Max ShawMaker@_maxdshaw · Co-Founder of GifJif
@samjohnson__ You can upload your own custom faces for free. If you want to use a facepack then you can pay for the pre-built faces. Click a face and then click custom and the plus sign.