GIFjam for Messenger

Animated GIF memes for Facebook Messenger



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Evan TanaMaker@evantana · Co-founder, Sparks
Hey there! We're excited to launch GIFjam for Messenger on the new Facebook Messenger platform. GIFjam lets you create and share animated GIF memes with your friends on Messenger. You can also post directly to timelines and groups on Facebook. The feels are waiting and ready to be sent. :) We were fortunate to be able to with the Messenger team on the launch and are excited to be listed as one of the launch partners in the Messenger app. It's a pretty seamless experience. We hope you try it out and would love to hear feedback. We also want to give our partners at Giphy a huge shout. Their platform is an endless offering of GIF awesomeness and allows many developers around the world to build cool stuff.
Cyrus Radfar@cyrusradfar · Early Stage Growth Advisor
@evantana just some free advice – I'd pitch this as the Uber for Laughter.
Mathieu Gosselin@matgosselin · Mad Captain
@evantana Hey Evan! looks really cool. I want to try as drawing as messenging app. Being curious. How is the traction so far?
RoryBroHiring@rorybro · CEO,
Awesome team and awesome product. Congrats to all involved!
danielrhammondMaker@danielrhammond · Co-Founder Sparks
Cyrus Radfar@cyrusradfar · Early Stage Growth Advisor
Incredible to see how quickly folks are innovating on top the messenger platform. Going forward, when a person asks me a personal question, I'll respond like Google's "no comment" to Wired
Evan TanaMaker@evantana · Co-founder, Sparks