World's best GIF exploring app and keyboard for iOS

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Hey guys, Over the last 6 months the Giffage team has been hard at work building this app. We, as lovers of GIFs, have yet to find an app or keyboard that truly gives GIFs a home worth staying in, but today we are proud to announce Giffage, the World's Best GIF Exploring App & Keyboard. Giffage truly is the best way to search, explore, and share GIFs on mobile devices and it comes with a kickass keyboard as well (seriously, it's kickass). Did I mention it has a keyboard? Go ahead and download it, we would absolutely love to hear your thoughts. When checking out the app, pay attention to the way you navigate when you get in (it's kind of important - and cool as hell). We, and those we've showed so far, really do believe it's the nicest and easiest way to view, search for, and share (don't forget to install our keyboard) GIFs for mobile devices. But......I'll leave that judgment up to you. Enjoy!
The UI design in this app is just stellar. The gestural navigation is crazy brilliant! Love it. Really great work!!
@_mlevi :-) thanks!
@jeshalom Easily my favorite GIF keyboard--truly inspirational UI and makes something that's already crazy fun that much more fun.
Apple really needs to step up its game for 3rd party keyboards, because right now that message about your personal data (and "full access") sure is scaring people away
@raulriera agreed! I'm sure you'll find it a relief that we don't track anything at all nor can we. But I agree apple should stop scaring people :-)
We've poured our hearts into making a great GIF app, and I think we're there. We're adding stuff all the time, so we're open to your suggestions!