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Great job with the simplicity on this. Just curious, though, what was the motivation behind building this when there are apps like Giphy Capture and others that do a great job of it? Was there a feature that you were looking for or maybe a learning exercise? Thanks.
@joshuapinter Having an open source tool is great when exercised well: relying on a service like Giphy is way more fragile.
@ctietze That might be true if Giphy was the only option but there are already a lot of choices that I don't think "fragility" is much of a concern: LICEcap: http://www.cockos.com/licecap/ SnagIt: http://discover.techsmith.com/sn... RecordIt: http://recordit.co/ Gifox: http://gifox.io/ CaptureGif: http://www.pixelegg.me/capture-gif Gyazo: https://gyazo.com/download?dl=now Again, all the power to you for making it, just curious why you chose to make this as opposed to something else.
@joshuapinter Hi Joshua, thanks for giving this a try. Actually I'm a fan of LiceCap, but I often had problems with black screen. And do you know how to use shortcut instead of clicking that "Record" button in LiceCap? Also, how can we make a Pull Request to LiceCap? I had some other features in mind, like select application to capture instead of dragging the capture window, support multiple screens, ... The last reason is that I love Swift :P
@onmyway133 Awesome, keep it up! :)
Thanks very much. Hope that this tool is useful for everyone, as it is for me. Pull requests are welcome
@onmyway133 👀 Good job! The hyper boys are killing it!
@eonpilot thanks Eon, glad that you like it
This looks A LOT like LiceCap, which is also open source. http://www.cockos.com/licecap/ But no harm in having more than one open source implementation :)
@cm0nt0y4 Yeah thanks. I like everything to be open source :) LiceCap is great, but it's just a mirror, don't know how to contribute back to it