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Hey hey! Glad to answer questions and if possible, share info about 2.0 which is in Review right now. This was actually the first app I tried to develop by myself back in April (totally failed - sampleBufferDelegate and asset conversion on the client = not a good first project :) ) Our team in Armenia has been working on v1 for a while and we made a bunch of UX, feature and stability improvements for v2. Can't wait to share those with fellow PH'ers.
Uncovered this app last week from the @scienceinc team and haven't been able to stop creating GIFs from my phone. It's incredibly fast to generate (via the camera) and quirky when you began adding copy to each form of media. Something I noticed I did more of (than any other "social" app) was to push via iMessage to friends. Hopefully we can get @aub (the creator) for an AMA!
Love a good Gif :)
Thanks for the hunt, Dave and hello PH'ers! Glad to hear you're enjoying it. I lead product on GifCap, and am lucky to work with @aub on a number of apps and other products. Our primary goal was to make the creation & share processes as simple as possible, without any unnecessary steps and auths getting in the way. At the same time, we wanted to add a few special features for -- well you know the story: minimum viable lovable product. As Aubrey said, we're happy to answer any questions about the app or our process. GifCap 2.0 is in the works which includes some new features we're really excited to show the PH community, but in the meantime, any feedback would be very welcome!
Great product, must say @aub.