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Jord Riekwel@larkef · Designer of kick-ass logos since 2007.
Must. Not. Sign. Up.
Mack FlavelleMaker@mackflavelle ·
Just think about what you could be missing. How can you say no?!?
Mack FlavelleMaker@mackflavelle ·
For those who are interested: Posted this just after midnight last night here on PHunt. (besides a couple useless social posts from me personally this is the only thing done to promote.) 21 hours later we have 493 signups (really hoping to cross the 500 line by the end of the night!) 22.45% conversion rate (which seems really great, but I'm NOT an expert on these things.)
Alexander Horré@alexhorre · Product Manager, iZettle
Careful. This could start a gif blackmarket.
Mack FlavelleMaker@mackflavelle ·
@alexhorre If we're lucky!
Bram Kanstein (@bramk)@bramk · Working on @nocodemvp (pre-launch)
Mack FlavelleMaker@mackflavelle ·
Markus Stefanko@mastef · Dood:Puzzle Planet,pitchXO,Tab Manager+
I don't understand why not 7 and can we get a discount? Time robbing machine ;-)