Celebrate your web traffic with real-time GIF notifications

This is a sideproject that I recently built that alerts you with audio and visual GIF randomness for website traffic. I originally created this as an internal project at my last job. It has recently been rebuilt so anybody can take it for a spin. The idea came about when I realized it was often a bit of a distraction to glance at different analytic apps throughout the day. Our team would be busy working and we'd have no idea how our efforts were doing that day. Once we had this setup on an iPad we mounted to a wall we would 'sense' when user acquisition efforts were effective or not. This told us at a glance when more analysis was necessary for that day. I'd suggest installing Gifalytics on a "thank you" or other conversion success page. This way you'll be alerted for the traffic that matters to you. You can test your code out by pasting it into Codepen or jsfiddle.
This is awesome @_tomki! I agree that sometimes when you're too busy, looking at analytics apps isn't the first priority. However it's important to know how well you're doing so using Gifs to highlight this is superb! 😺
@gadgick absolutely agreed! It's also really cool and rewarding when you start seeing GIFs. Definitely a nice morale booster.
@_tomki Shall be adding to shortly 😸
This is cool.
Haha, loving it, @_tomki - lovely idea and nice execution :) Added it to my side project, - waiting for the GIFs to start playing! :)
@andreaspizsa Glad your enjoying it! Let me know if you have any suggestions or feedback.
Fun stuff, would be cool to integrate with Slack and have the ability to modify the thresholds.
@jbschaff Already looked into the Slack integration. Hopefully I find some time to get that done!