Super-simple screen recording tool that makes GIFs

#5 Product of the DayDecember 15, 2017

Gifable is a super-simple screen recording tool that makes GIFs for you in seconds.


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Hey, what is the difference between your product and free Recordit app (
@vlad_pekh Thanks so much for commenting! Recordit uploads your gif to a cloud service, I didn't feel that was necessary, but otherwise they both just record GIFs. Gifable has a small upfront fee (Which I am thinking of reducing) and you get all the features and future updates. Recordit has a different strategy and charges you $29.00 to get all the features, one of which is recording at 12fps which you get from Gifable too. (
For a looooong time, I've wanted a screen recorder that can record a specific window rather than the whole screen / a selection. Please for the love of god be the person who includes this feature in their app. I'll buy it six times.
@actuallylanden I really want to emulate the macs current picture screen capture. So I am aiming for something like: Use the "cmd + shift + 5" to start selecting a recording area but then you can press space and click a window to record just that area. Hope that sounds good to you .. and I can make it for you ;)
@johnyjwilson I love you. Just bought it, looking forward to the update!
@actuallylanden liceCap and Giphy Capture are good options
@actuallylanden @bbhardy haha they are, I would prefer you use Gifable though ;)
Unfortunately this appears to be for Mac only
@krishnade It is only for mac unfortunately, You can try this app it looks pretty good -
@johnyjwilson Thanks - that is a new one to me as I have been using Gyazo for quick gifs
This looks great! Are there any limits on recording time?
@barnabybones Thanks! There are no limits, but the longer you record the longer it takes to make a GIF. If you are thinking of recording very long GIFs I would hold off for a while until i get a chance to reduce the time it takes. Keep an eye out because I make updates often :)
I just bought this! Awesome! Thanks @johnyjwilson
@tomik99 Thanks so much! This is my first release and its been great fun. Please reach out to me if you have any suggestions or need any help at all.