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Never lose another gif! Capture them all in your GifWallet

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This is a great idea! I love gifs, but so far the only way I can ever use them is searching through Giphy in Textra or FB messenger, without any saves. I have a Dropbox folder with my favorite gifs as well, but it can get annoying. Hope to see this on Android someday!
@linkchef I will pass on the feedback to @GifWallet
Oh, I can collect gifs now? Awesome! :D
This could be a game changer!
Hi everybody! I just wanted to tell you a little more about the app. My brother and I created this, because frankly I'm always losing track of gifs. I see a funny one, or one with a potential future use, then immediately lose track of it. It's really hard to get google to understand which gif I'm talking about, and even then the URLs they give are often for some of the dodgiest ad covered sites. It's nice to just have one single place to keep the gifs, and we automatically sync them to imgur, so you can share them on any platform, even one that only allows text, like reddit. We have a number of ideas for future enhancement. The next update is already under review by apple, and adds just a few usability features, like a trash can for a more obvious way to delete gifs, and a counter to show you how many gifs you have collected. Some ideas I have for the future are: Direct sharing, wallet to wallet. Featured content that you can optionally load into your wallet, and do with as you please. For example, if I find a really funny/useful/cute gif we'll deliver that to you in the wallet for you to share with your friends. Another idea was a password protected wallet, swipe the whole wallet over and enter a pin/password to see your super secret gifs, perhaps NSFW, or whatever you want to keep secret. Also, folders, I'm going to need so many folders, for so many gifs! Right now I'm pretty excited to have our first real app in the store, even though when I tried to add space to my wallet, my reaction was kind of like this: Not sure what's going on, everything was working perfectly in the sandbox.
@jgritty Good news, and maybe useful info for other makers: the in-app purchases simply took about 48 hours before they became available. Next, all we need is a good way to give away promo codes for in-app purchase.