Gif Slice

Slice up gifs into art for your walls

Gif Slice lets you convert any gif into a piece of artwork for your walls. It works by converting the gif to a cube and then letting you take a 2D slice of that cube. Each slice captures multiple frames of the original gif. You can then order matte prints of the slices (optional framed) on the site

This looks really nice @mattbierner ✨ What are some of your favorite pieces of art created through Gif Slice? PS: @rrhoover you might like this 👀
@mattbierner @amrith this is super cool. Will play with it. 🙌🏼
Oh wow, that sure is a creative product. Are there any examples of artwork created with the tool? I'd like to have a peek.
@tcodinat To be completely honest, it's pretty hard coming up with good looking slices. I find two types of slices come out best: ones where you slice a normal gif at a really odd angle to create something like glitch art, and ones that use very abstract source gifs. I also personally prefer slices that are not squares as they are more unique looking. My original idea was to try making the 3D cubes themselves but I didn't know how to manufacture these efficiently. I believe I may have solved this problem so don't be surprised if you can soon order 3D gif cubes too.
@mattbierner Hm I see, that makes sense. And yeah maybe the cubes would be cooler to see IRL haha :) Either way it's super cool!