GIF Resizer

Create animated GIFs and resize GIFs too big to tweet!

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This is what I use to resize GIFs for Product Hunt tweets -- all the time. Size limits for tweeting GIFs is: -Twitter Web: 5 MB -TweetDeck: 5 MB (but 3 MB for images ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) -Buffer: 3 MB So I end up using this to resize GIFs I make with @CloudApp regularly (check it out here) Here is how it looks like when resizing: (you can also create GIFs with this tool by uploading screenshots and choosing the speed)
@nivo0o0 @cloudapp cool! do you know what the limits for gifs on producthunt are?
@_jacksmith not sure, shouldn't be an issue though.. The Resizer is more for tweets with the 5mb limit. That said, it saves us (me..) a bunch of time if people upload product GIFs that are under 3mb -- otherwise I have to do the resizing. I've seen people upload product GIFs as high as 17mb which is way too big.
@nivo0o0 jesus. I've never seen any 17mb ones on product hunt. sometimes when I try and upload a big gif (let's say 7mb) the PH page just refreshes and it doesn't upload. so I'm guessing that there must be some unofficial limits
@_jacksmith no limit that I know of, but please don't upload anything over 5MB (preferably 3MB). But ya it's not the smoothest process. Honestly, the quickest way to resize things now for me (which takes a lot of practice to get it right on the first try) is just to make a GIF using CloudApp of the GIF that's too big to tweet. (usually putting it into Evernote and making the window small so the area of the CloudApp GIF is small).
Twitter just added the ability to tweet gifs.
This is perfect for making Slack gifs!
This looks pretty cool. I just wish there was something like this that wasn't a web app. It seems silly to upload a gif to the internets to then resize it and download it again...
@clarkcharlie03 Not unprecedented though. I use all the time.