GIF Out Loud

Dub your sound on a GIF and send it right from your keyboard



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Eric Willis — Working on something new
Gif Out Loud is a Gif & Video Keyboard that allows you to truly express how you are feeling by choosing a gif and adding your sound (your voice or your favorite song).
Chynna Morgan — Founder- Gif Out Loud
Eric, thank you so much for hunting us.

Hi Product Hunt :) We are so excited that we finally launched the first Gif & Video Keyboard with Your Sound, Your Voice, Your Way. We wanted to find a way to bring our voice back into communication and what is better than adding your sound to a gif to truly express your emotions.

You can add your voice or the perfect song to a gif and send it right from your keyboard to make the most entertaining and hilarious messages but also messages that conveys your true feelings .

Here are some features:

• Search/Discover- Search through millions of gifs to find the perfect gif to express your feelings at any moment
• Add your sound to any gif (Let your friends hear your response in your conversation)
• Send your gifs or videos straight from your keyboard
• Create your own personal gif or videos
• Create your own collections of gifs or videos
• Save your favorite gifs or videos
• Share your gifs or videos on your favorite social networking apps.

Would love for you guys to check it out and give us some feedback.
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