GIF Mood Board

Hand-picked reaction GIFs to easily share to social media

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Hi there Product Hunt! Very grateful for the chance to share this new tool and to get your all's great feedback and questions. I'd love to pass along a few thoughts about how this one came together and the value it's added for us at Buffer. :) What we had in mind when building this was to create a way to easily find and share GIFs for a specific mood/feeling/reaction. We were keen to * Make it easy to find a high-quality GIF quickly * Organize a selection of GIFs around a common mood or feeling :) * Easily share the GIF to social media This all felt really valuable to me personally as I would often spend a good amount of time looking for the perfect GIF to share in response to something on social media. We had mentioned GIF responses as a cool social media strategy to try, and I was eager to see if we could make that process as easy as can be. Another way this felt like a good fit and a fun project is that we really enjoy GIF parties at Buffer, celebrating when new teammates join. :) That led to our wanting the GIF Mood Board to be a curated selection of Buffer's favorite GIFs. What we've ended up with here: * 101 (and counting) GIFs that you can share easily to social media * 7 categories of GIFs (plus a bonus 8th category of Buffer team members) * Buffer integration so that you can share and schedule the GIF with a click of a button I'd love to be available here to answer any questions or respond to any thoughts that come up! I'd be thrilled for the chance to learn from you all on how this page feels and how we can iterate and improve moving forward! :)
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Buffer team is at it yet again with an awesome tool! Who doesn't love a GIF?!
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@bentossell GIFs always beloved <3
<3 this new Buffer feature (though it probably won’t replace my old-school folder on the Mac desktop where I keep my most beloved and most reusable gifs).
@thegrumpygirl Old-school folder sounds like a rad solution!
@kevanlee it is a veritable treasure trove indeed. I’d wager a guess that there’s no situation for which I wouldn’t find a reaction gif in there ;)
@thegrumpygirl Do you have a favorite? :)
@kevanlee Thank you for asking and presenting me with the perfect opportunity to introduce you to the beauty that is: The Bartlet Endless Headdesk
Go @kevanlee and the rest of the Buffer team for another great product!
Great work! Wonderful thoughtfulness and product design from Buffer, as usual :) @kevanlee - Any plans on opening this up so people can upload their own GIFs to their own customizable category? To be honest, that's the functionality I expected to happen when I clicked the big blue button that says "Start uploading and sharing your GIFs". I am probably the only one that thought that though so please treat this as just one (infinitesimal) data point.
@grantheimbach 'infinitesimal' is a great word.
@grantheimbach Make that 2 infintesimal data points. I had the same thought.
@grantheimbach haha Grant, I also thought exactly that! So It could be just two of us... However, I do like the curated nature of the page; otherwise, it could just become another Giphy website? Though I also see value in opening it up for people to upload and share GIFs. Guess that's one for @kevanlee and the Buffer team to explore! :)