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Create gifs like pro with filters from 200+ Video sites.

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The reason we started is because MovieLaLa (our startup) was creating very cool gifs and loading them to our Tumblr blogs. People kept writing us and asking how we were making such cool gifs. We had built an internal gif making tool to easily make gifs for our social media interns. Due to all the inbound emails and messages around our gifs, we decided to improve our tool and open it up for the masses to make their own gifs. Hence was born based on demand. We wanted everyone out there, who loves gifs, to have the ability to create their own. We will be adding cool new features like filters and other creative tools to really allow users to get more creative with gif-making. We hope our Tumblr fans and gif followers enjoy this tool and finally get the chance to use it and make their own for their own blogs and social platforms! @rrhoover