Make your Product Hunt thumbnail stand out with a custom GIF

#4 Product of the DayFebruary 10, 2020
GIF GIV provides custom made, eye popping GIFs designed to separate your Product Hunt thumbnail from the rest.
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Hi! It used to be frustrating for my partner and I to post on Product Hunt and not get the results we wanted. Once we began focusing on how to present our thumbnails in a more exciting and engaging way, our results increased significantly. We want to help y'all out by designing awesome GIFs that are tailor made for your product. A GIF that not only looks great but translates the value your product provides. We're starting off by commissioning 21 GIFs, so get yours! We hope to work with you soon, and as always, stay winning!
Hey @davidojunior, this is really cool. Gonna help a lot of makers
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@rebecca_ferrao Thanks so much! We hope so :)
Great job!!😊 Will check it out
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Pro tip: Don't make the GIF obnoxiously flashy or it might be flagged by the community. Flashy GIFs are thirsty. 😄
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@rrhoover Hey Ryan! Great to see you here. Thanks for the feedback. We'll be sure to make GIFs that aren't turn offs to the PH community.
I love your "calendar" booking as your product offering, it's great in terms of creating scarcity, while also making sure you guys don't get overloaded with work and deliver later than expected. Really cool product :)
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@thomasmalone Thanks for the response! 🙏