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Wow — exciting news! One of my favorite desktop GIF creating apps has been acquired by Gfycat! The competition in the GIF space is almost as hot as it is in the bot space! :P
@chrismessina thanks Chris! Competition is ultimately great for consumer who get a superior product. GIF Brewery is best-in-class GIF editing and we were so excited to make it free and add awesome capture capabilities :)
@richard_rabbat can you explain how the Sierra color optimization algorithm works?
@chrismessina @richard_rabbat Since a GIF can only have at most 256 colors, you need a way to apply the smaller palette of colors to the original frames. Sierra is a pretty powerful algorithm for that purpose. It diffuses the "error" of converting to the smaller palette to neighboring pixels. Spreading the error out improves the fidelity of the entire quantized image.
I use GIF Brewery for all of my GIF needs! I've checked out competitors in the past, but they just don't match up. Hopefully this makes it even better!
@chrishannah Thanks a lot for the kind words :) hoping you'll like our next set of upcoming features
Link is bad. Tries to open in the iTunes App Store, and not available in the US. Here is the direct Mac App Store Link -
Free. Nice!
GIF Brewery is by far the best one I've used! Thanks so much for making it free. And did I mention, it has the best logo?! 😆