GIF Battle

An all-GIF chat battle for talking trash on the Internet.

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I already love this. Because animated gifs will one day rule the world and be the official language of our Robot Overlords.
This is an experiment by @PostlightAgency—done by our team for the fun of it.
@ftrain @postlightagency We just found out the challenged one has to login via Twitter first before he sees anything. So you end up with a blue screen of nothing when you click the link....
@frankmeeuwsen @postlightagency We're on it, thanks!
@ftrain @frankmeeuwsen @postlightagency Similar: I was invited, logged in, and had to refresh to see the battle.
@ftrain @postlightagency fix deployed to production! The wonders of a client-side only app.
Important question: around the office do y'all say gif or jif?
@mutewinter ok y'all got my full blessing.