Gi FlyBike

The first electric bike that folds in one second

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Product Hunters, I am Lucas. My two friends and I invented a folding electric bicycle called Gi FlyBike that we’re excited to tell you about today. Gi FlyBike’s mission is to transform the way people commute in their cities. Gi FlyBike is an electric, smart, maintenance-free, folding bicycle with full-size (26”) wheels, that we created for the next generation of urban commuting. The bike folds in just one second and one motion and it’s crafted from ultra lightweight aircraft grade aluminum. We designed Gi FlyBike to be taken anywhere––bus, train, office, elevator, or locker––without compromise. Ultimately, we believe that thoughtful design and technology can take us into the next generation of transportation and create more effective and eco-friendly cities with happier people. The Gi FlyBike is available now for pre-order on Kickstarter and we’ve had a pretty incredible response since its launch just two days ago. We’re here to answer any questions!
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*picks jaw up off floor, discretely cleans up small puddle of drool*
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@jgulden Ha, Josiah, sorry if we hurt your jaw! We’ve been working on the project for four years now and we are incredibly excited that you like it. Responses like yours validate our design and concept, thanks again.
This just looks TOO DAMN COOL - I better start saving!
@bentossell YOU are too damn cool! Glad you like the bike!
@marcelo__on Thanks for your comment! We are happy you like it!
This looks really awesome!
@jonslimak thanks Jon! We are so happy you like Gi FlyBike!