Ghostit automates your online presence with in-house writers

Ghostit creates your content and automatically posts to your blog, social media profiles, and sends out email newsletters because we know how much time and effort it takes. As a business professional you have enough to do already, let alone create and maintain an online presence.

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Looks like a good product and can be very helpful to establish a social presence for small businesses. I would highly suggest you post your pricing clearly. Everyone will love transparent pricing, if you are concentrating on corporates, then it's fine to keep it private, but for the small business market, everyone would love to check your pricing. good luck.
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@ramkumarhq Agree. Pricing not shown is often seen as 'there is something to hide'
@ramkumarhq First, thanks for the feedback! I have thought about the pricing for a bit and was testing a few things to see what effected conversions to move up or down so I took the prices off to see if more people would inquire. I think you are right with regard to showing the pricing for small businesses. I'll definitely add that back in.
@ramkumarhq @sam_cholera Agreed, I was trying to go for the whole "request a demo" play but I think transparency is probably the best play here.
Isn't this producing more generic, meaningless stuff online? If a business doesn't have time to blog about things they passionate about, maybe they're not that passionate? Online presence is important, no doubt, but shouldn't it be genuine and honest?
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@stas_kulesh - yeah, I agree with you to an extent. It looks like this product is targeting the small business market, mostly operated by 1 or few people. For them, this is fine, they can't afford to have a social media manager or have the time to patiently write posts, then choose the right time to post on social media. Everything depends on the target market ;)
@ramkumarhq especially the small businesses: a nice personal approach is what they can offer as opposed to the corporate faceless enterprises. I am an idealist, I support internet with real people in it. AI will be able to write such content in 3-5 years from now. Real people experiences are priceless.
@stas_kulesh at Ghostit we create a custom strategy so we can solve this problem. I agree there is a lot of generic content out there but the reason why Ghostit exists is because I strongly believe every small business/business professional needs some kind of online presence. I would offer this example as a counter point. If you are reading a lawyers website with some generic blog advice that answers your question versus no content at all customers are more likely to choose the one who is offering some advice for free. Because "you" (the customer) get a dedicated writer to create all your own content, your brand voice stays consistent and we actually encourage the business owner to post regularly and give them helpful tips. Post what's going on in the office today, or show your clients your staff events and so on. The plans are designed so you can have your base covered with an online presence while still sharing every once and a while.
@ramkumarhq Exactly :) This is exactly how I pitch it haha.
Yet another landing-page-to-test-a-concept-without-any-pricing MVP. Almost like there should be a section for pre-launch validation ;)
@shloky Oh I would disagree! As mentioned before I was hiding and showing prices to test conversions. While our software is very much an MVP in my mind it functions and we have paying customers, I would love to show you a trial if you care to sign up :)
Ghostit looks like a very useful tool but I guess we'd all like to see the pricing upfront. I just signed up for the free trial. Excited!
@ritwik1 thanks so much :D Yes I'll be adding pricing back to the website today and I am excited to see what you think of our trial!
I am super excited to launch Ghostit to the ProductHunt community! We created Ghostit because so many small businesses struggle to post consistently to social media, almost never blog, and rarely send out email newsletters.
@hkimia congrats mate. What is the pricing for each plan?
@hkimia the concept is great, and it seems perfect for what I'm doing with my own online businesses. Problem is... What is the pricing? I cannot find it on your website and I, along with every other small business person out there, is not going to use your tool if we cannot assess it's cost. Plus without costs, it kind of comes across as "if you have to ask then it's probably too expensive for you", in other words, a bit snooty. It's fine if your tailoring products for enterprise customers, but then why have plans? Right now I automate a lot of my social media activity, so you'd be competing with that with your basic plan. I would guess that a hand created social media presence (from your website I gather that's what you're doing) is more effective than an automated one, but that's what you're competing with, and I don't see any significant examples of your work on your website. I'd sorely love something like this to work as it would be a huge load off myself. I'd pay for that. But the question is how much?
@kmnei Thanks! As commented above I will be adding the prices back in today but it starts at $300/mo $500/mo and $950/mo
@iamchum Thanks for the feedback, I totally hear you on the "too snooty" which is not what I am going for at all. I was playing around with conversions showing pricing or hiding it. As both you and @ramkumarhq pointed out. Small businesses want to see and evaluate their pricing right away. I will be adding it back to the website today but we start at $300/mo for Starter, $500/mo for Basic and $950/mo for Pro. You are right on the examples as well, part of our offering is that Ghostit acts behind the scenes so no one really knows we are creating your content. Hence few customer examples. No one really says "look at the blog post someone wrote for me" Its more "look at my blog post I just wrote!" I am having some of our writers create a month of content for imaginary businesses so people will get an idea of what it would look like. That will probably go up on Monday.