Ghostery Privacy Browser

Private, fast, tracker and ad-free mobile browsing

Ghostery Privacy Browser offers a private, fast, tracker- and ad-free mobile browsing experience. Equipped with comprehensive features that enhance user privacy for mobile browsing, the Ghostery Privacy Browser integrates the powerful ad blocking and tracker protection of the Ghostery 8 control panel with improved browser functionalities.

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39 Reviews5.0/5

Highly recommended for all who want a little less Google in their life.

Pro tip: Replace tracker- and ad-infested apps by the mobile website version of your favorite services and put a short-cut on the home screen of your device. Open just like an app, and enjoy ad-free and tracking-free experience


Powerful ad and tracker killer. And it supports Firefox Add-Ons


Takes some time to adapt to the new way to search, but then it feels like a breeze

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I learned about it when the co. first got started and have been hooked since. Nice stream of updates but not too many to be overwhelming. Makes living on the 'net a lot easier.


Powerful, fast, easy to use, great features and works


Didn't find any. Love this product.

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Highly recommended for anybody seriously interested in privacy.
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does it bring ad blocking to safari like FF focus does ?
@francoolaami You can download the ghostery extension for safari which will block ads and trackers for you but there is also a standalone broser app.

I wish this ha been available years ago!!


Love it!


Non that I have found!!