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Ghost is a rival to wordpress that focuses just on blogs, without extra fancy crap (they felt wordpress had morphed into trying to do too many things), the platform raised close to $350k on kickstarter, but mainly needed you to set up your own hosting. Ghosted is a hosted platform version of Ghost. I include a secret signup link in the related links (also here: ) that will get you on the platform now, so you don't need to wait ~2 days for its public beta. At the Moment you can do the following stuff: - create up to 3 new Ghost Blogs - add as many Domains (HostHeaderNames) to your Blog - upload your favourite Themes quick and easy via Drag and Drop - restart your Blog - use the Problem-Report Tool to send direct Messages to the Support
Dropbox Sync is enabled, feel free to try it out :) This Function allows you to upload and change Themes faster and smoother.
Great stuff. It was a snap to set up. Literally less than 2 minutes including setting up the A record/DNS for my domain. How does this differ from the official hosted Ghost platform over at One of the benefits of using the official platform is that all your payments go towards further development of the Ghost code base. And any word on pricing?
@kjemperud +1. Curious to see what this service offers that doesn't. Love to see Ghost gaining traction, though!
@mjchamplin Using Ghosted you can add as many Domains as you want, change your "Homedomain" 24/7 without changing any Piece of Code and upload as many Themes as you want. Blogs are enabled to send Mail by default and there's no Limitation on Views. A Cluster Mode is planned so you can boost your Blog when needed by scaling it ;)
I've been using ghost for a couple of months. offers a Pro-hosting service as well for as low as $5/month.
@kjemperud Pricing will be announced early-August. There will be special Packages for Beta Testers and Early Adapters ;)