Simple and fun way to discover new people on Snapchat.

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Cool tool to find cool people on Snapchat. Invite code: Casper
@littlejazzhands Thanks for sharing, Daniel!!! And yes...the app is still in invite only mode, so everyone that downloads will need an access code. We should go live with a public version in a few days!
We are stoked to bring this app to market! Discovery on Snapchat has been something every single Snapchat user has been frustrated with for a long time. The next few months are going to be very exciting as we roll out some pretty fun features after our MVP launch. The app as it stands now is our invite-only BETA, and will go live with an unlocked version in the next week or so. Looking at you, Apple. If you'd like to know what to expect from our go-live version, head here: Thanks again, and happy snapping!
I am on this, and have used it a few times but it has a fatal flaw. I want to see a preview of what the user would post before I follow. On Instagram I can see 9 pictures instantly. On YouTube I can see the channel trailer and as many videos as I want. On Twitter I can see all their tweets. On Snapchat I can see nothing. I would love a product where people can upload a few of their saved snap stories so I can get a preview before I follow.
@joshdance Fantastic idea. The category discovery is a bit general so it can be quite difficult to find relevant users. A hold to preview showcase would be wonderful.
@joshdance Hey Joshua! Cat's out of the bag, that feature (a gallery section to view images + videos of previous Snaps) is on it's way. We've got that exact feature lined up to go live in May. In the meantime, our hope is that the social links people can connect to their profiles will help add a little bit of flavor until our galleries feature rolls out. Thanks for the input!
Snapchat discovery is a real pain, GhostCodes helps solve that. One note to the creators: in the app it's not clear that the categories are clickable. Seems like there is only one person in each category (until you discover that you can click on the category caption).
@guy Hey, Guy! Great suggestion...we're currently building out the browsing functionality to be a lot more obvious/involved. Stay tuned. :)
I'm really asking out of curiosity but... What is the plus value of doing this as an app (iOS or and Android later) rather then making a web app? I'm probably just too short sighted (!) but I feel like it would attract way more people if it was in a browser without the need to install yet an another app!
@curieuxmurray great point. We've already built a curation platform online ( but it's not dynamic (people can't add themselves to it quickly). We're planning on rolling GhostCodes into a web app version VERY soon - so it's useful to everyone, everywhere. Great feedback!
@curieuxmurray great thoughts! I'll second what Frank said - over 85% of our current site traffic (on is mobile...and there is a high demand for app style features, so it only made sense to pivot there. Soon both the site and the app will work off the same database. Thanks for the feedback!