Ghost Ship

A massive set of retina-ready mobile UI kit

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Getting a 504 when trying to visit this site :(
@jpvalery looks like PH killed the server already?
@jtriest IDK - still down :(
@jpvalery just got this message on Twitter. "@kartikluke: @ProductHunt @jtriest Seems like PH hugs brought the site down here's the @dribbble link for the #UI kit
@kartikluke @ProductHunt @jtriest @dribbble Nice cause their site was still showing "Error establishing a database connection" and was about to forget about it. Hope this was worth the wait !
Same it here. They get drunk yesterday while celebrating post on product hunt :)
Finally back on. So 3 days after being here. And it comes with an excessive pricetag IMHO of 60$ when you can get Tether for free. This is quite a deception :(