Ghost Selfie

The newest ARKit experience - live action ghosts!

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Ghost Selfie is a new ARKit experience with live-action ghosts! This app lets you take incredibly realistic photos and prove the existence of ghosts with the front or back camera. Select from 4 ghosts, each with their own unique personality and mannerisms. They're just as curious to meet you as you are to meet them!



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Jamie Perkins
Jamie PerkinsMaker@inorganik · Maker of side projects
This is a passion project I did not only to dive into ARKit but also because it occurred to me AR would be a really cool way to see ghosts. The ghost footage is all original footage I shot with the help of my brother and some friends. The back camera view is the full ARKit experience but the challenge was re-creating the AR experience with the front camera, which ARKit does not support. Hopefully I made something that's fun and engaging.