Ghost Lens

Create cool double exposed ghost-like photos 👻

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Happy Friday the 13th! 👻
A few of the iTunes reviews comment that features are unlocked only by making a 5* review - is there any truth to this?
@jamiequackers I didn't see that anywhere. Not sure how you could verify that anyways Along with it being against Apple's terms (edit: did not mean to say that you, Jamie, could not verify that. I meant the developer verifying a user leaving a review to unlock a feature for them)
@kristofertm There is a review on the iTunes web-page for this product from "Maimed ad" stating this. A cursory Google search for the vendor name and "review unlock features" reveals a number of other reviews to corroborate. I'm afraid I don't have an iPhone here to independently verify this, but it sounds distinctly shady.