Ghost Inspector is an automated website testing and monitoring service. It allows you to easily record or create automated browser tests that check the functionality of your website, then run them continuously from the cloud to catch regressions.

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We're excited to have Ghost Inspector back on Product Hunt after almost 3 years since we were first featured! We've iterated a ton since that time and recently capped it off with a large scale relaunch. What's new? - Completely redesigned UI - Huge capacity increases; 50+ parallel test concurrency - Smarter screenshot comparison; Larger screen resolutions - Data-driven testing based on spreadsheets - Email checking and testing feature - Advanced scheduling options - Selenium import and export - Integration with Slack, HipChat, PagerDuty and more We continue to offer our "Free Forever" tier, so give the new Ghost Inspector a shot! I'm happy to answer questions or go into greater detail on our service in the comments.
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@justinklemm This is such a great idea. Easier testing = better testing. Congrats on the update!
@kleneway Thanks Kevin!
Heavy user of GI, I can confirm the product is incredibly easy to use even for non-dev people. We rely on it for our full no-regression tests and we never had to complain so far 😎 On top of that, they reply fast on Twitter and implement features every month. This comment may sound as if I worked for them: it's definitely not the case, I'm just a super happy client πŸ‘πŸΌ
@troblous +1. Found them recently, really like the tool )
@troblous i d be very proud of this if I were u @justinklemm
@troblous Thanks for the praise! Love having you as a customer, and keeping us on our toes via Twitter! πŸ˜‰
@rick_chen1 @troblous There's no better feeling than happy users!
Congrats! It's great to see another iteration of this app. :)
very cool. i am not clear on why i would use this over phantomjs in my angularjs e2e tests?
@luke_edward_ollett Thanks Luke! It's definitely a situational thing. If you've got local browser tests coded up in your repo using Protractor, Karma, etc. that can be a great approach, especially for fast local testing. I'd never advocate moving away from that. In some cases, a project may not have that setup and/or someone without strong coding experience is tasked with testing. In those cases, Ghost Inspector tries to offer an easily solution for creating and managing tests -- along with some nice bonuses like video, screenshot comparison, alerts and more to help with the process. Some of our features can serve as a nice compliment to your own local tests, but of course, everyone should pick the tools and approaches that make sense for them.
It's great to see solutions like that. Hope it can fit on our needs here on Welearn. <3
@rodrigoprior Thanks Rodrigo! Feel free to try out our free tier and ping us if we can help with anything.