Ghost Inspector 2.0

Automated browser testing made easy.


Justin Klemm
@justinklemm · Founder & CEO, Ghost Inspector
We're excited to have Ghost Inspector back on Product Hunt after almost 3 years since we were first featured! We've iterated a ton since that time and recently capped it off with a large scale relaunch. What's new? - Completely redesigned UI - Huge capacity increases; 50+ parallel test concurrency - Smarter screenshot comparison; Larger screen resolutions -… See more
@troblous · Kin.today co-founder
Heavy user of GI, I can confirm the product is incredibly easy to use even for non-dev people. We rely on it for our full no-regression tests and we never had to complain so far 😎 On top of that, they reply fast on Twitter and implement features every month. This comment may sound as if I worked for them: it's definitely not the case, I'm just a super happy… See more
Caleb Winters
@cmwinters · Product Designer @ GitHub
Congrats! It's great to see another iteration of this app. :)
Luke Edward Ollett
@luke_edward_ollett · Wanderer, ponderer, cycler, adventurer
very cool. i am not clear on why i would use this over phantomjs in my angularjs e2e tests?
Rodrigo Prior
@rodrigoprior · CEO @ Welearn
It's great to see solutions like that. Hope it can fit on our needs here on Welearn. <3