Ghost Inspector

Automated browser testing from the cloud

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Hey @rrhoover, thank you! Yea, you’ve pretty much nailed it. I’m trying to make automated browser testing a whole lot easier. I think it compares well to existing tools. The most notable one is Selenium, which is excellent and open source, but it’s really just a piece of software. The burden is on you to download it, configure it, setup servers, figure out the automation process, and so on. There are services out there that help with those things, like Sauce Labs, but it’s far from a seamless process. I’m simplifying all that. Record a test with our Chrome extension or build it manually in our GUI. Your test is run instantly and all the features you need are already at your disposal: detailed results, screenshot comparisons, email alerts, test scheduling, API, etc. With that said, in simplifying things, we’re going to lose some appeal to the very technical side of the market. We have a nice GUI for manually building/editing tests, but some engineers are going to prefer to hand code everything — which I totally understand. In that case, Ghost Inspector isn’t going to be a great fit for them. We’re also currently running our tests with PhantomJS, which is a headless version of WebKit, so we don’t have a diverse ecosystem of browsers and OS’s to choose from yet. To remedy that, all of our accounts include a Selenium export function so that your tests can be downloaded and run using Selenium on other platforms, if necessary. Ghost Inspector offers a free tier that includes 2 tests, so I’d encourage everyone to give it a shot!
Just discovered this, its fantastic for non developers to automate their testing
fantastic tool! exactly what I was looking for and much simpler than the other products I looked at.
Hi, new poster here. I'm Aaron Gibralter, and I'm an avid "product hunter" and early adopter. I am currently an engineer at Previously I co-founded (TechStars NYC 2011), a collaborative polling platform. Unfortunately, it lives no longer, but its spirit lives on and the learnings were invaluable for me personally and professional. Ghost Inspector was recently built and released by a friend, Justin Klemm. It is one of the slickest automated browser testing tools I've seen. Happy hunting!
I like hearing those words, @agibralter: "product hunter" Well done, @justinklemm. I love the logo, maybe because it reminds me of Snapchat. :) This looks like a less technical, easier to use tool for creating automated tests but how would you compare it to existing solutions?