Ghost Drone

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Kartik Parija
Kartik Parija@kartikparija · Cofounder @AdoriLabs, Reimagining Audio
Cool. Would have upvoted just for the freaking awesome name. When I saw the email notification saying Andy Sparks has just posted "Ghost Drone", my mind screamed "Summer Blockbuster" and drew an insane poster that combined "Avengers and Jason Bourne" ;) While we are on this topic, doesn't @SparksZilla have a great name too? *start movie trailer voice* In a world where everyone has a drone..." This summer, coming to a screen near you... "GHOST DRONE featuring ANDY SPARKS"... Rated " R U Ready!?!" Man I love PH!
Josh Barkin
Josh Barkin@joshbarkin · Co-founder @
So many new drones which is great. Struggling to see the competitive advantage with this one. Actually, it seems like an odd product design decision to have the propellers facing downward, when the problem to solve is ensuring that propellers will never come into the camera's frame.