App can measure you height on head

GHeight is app for height measurement. You only need to put the phone on your head. Compare celebrity height with you.

Basic Features:

- ARKit technology

- Original height measurement on head

- Compare height with celebrity!

- You can save your measurements

- You can share measurements in social networks

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Hi PH! I'm the developer of the GHeight. It is my first launch on Product hunt. Some months ago, doctor ask my height. I could not remember it. So I decide to make app, which help you measure height). It is based on ARKit. You need to found surface and then place phone on head. You will get result. Accuracy depends on many factors like lighting, feature points count and surface coordinates. I am also add feature, where user can compare height with celebrities. Happy measurements) P.S. I prepare some promo codes for community. Please reply in comments, when get it. Feel free to ask code or write feedback in comments) MRET7EAXMTPT RYN7PFYR7LJ4 TWHL3JALWKEY FL9W4WEELPHJ XNF7XAKMKNMX T6AFNJJ9F7WJ 6HT6X7R9T43L 9F76JLLF6T9K N67KFYK7L369 X6RKA63M7JWT 9YKRAPNPPYNP WMMAMTK3X4LE TEERRXMA6TXW TA3JPY7K7E6M R7MNJ67HNXMY TFNKNFY3HLXF FPEWP7RF6EJN 9XEHF9A9RMAK
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@khatsiashou_aliaksandr thank you! I used code N67KFYK7L369
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@boxivine Happy measurements)
No more marking your height on grandma's door :)
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@rrhoover You can mark iPhone instead)

Nice little app





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