GH Emoji

Github emoji parser



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Ben TossellHunterPro@bentossell · newCo
Emojis everywhurrrr
zzarconMaker@zzarcon · Javascript all the things
@bentossell Thanks for adding gh-emoji here! you rocks 🎉
Giuliano Ambrosio@juliusdesign · Creative Strategist @AQuest
Very useful!
Interesting. Here all emoji supported:
Alex Manthei@xoalexo · Product Designer at Trainline
Hey @zzarcon, this is really awesome! Am I correct in reading that this can also be used to parse text and replace emoji tags with actual emoji symbols, not only the pngs GitHub uses?
zzarconMaker@zzarcon · Javascript all the things
@xoalexo right now it only suports the github images, but we were thinking about adding different "sets" of emojis, and one of them will be the emoji symbols :)