Prevent & beat depression

Designed by A/Prof. Guy Doron, clinical psychologist and researcher at IDC, GGDE is an app specialised for beating depression. It does so by tackling negative self-talk and teaching users to embrace adaptive self-talk. The app challenges beliefs that are associated with depressive symptoms, thereby undermining the core elements of depression.

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2 Reviews5.0/5
AbadesiFounder & CEO, Hustle Crew
What can I say, I love everything about this. One of the most interesting apps I've seen a while. I love most the idea of collecting tools -- its so important to understand the patterns in our own mental health that lead to downwards spirals, and the ways to mitigate against them. Could you tell us more about how. you worked with Guy Doron to turn his research into a tech solution? @devtherapy
Gur Ilany
Co-founder of GGtude
@abadesi Absolutely! Guy and I have known each other for over 15 years now. Although coming from different backgrounds, we wanted to collaborate and create something meaningful, combining tech, game-like experience and psychology. Our first app was Good Blocks, which is more of a game. Following the launch and reception of Good Blocks, we decided to strip down the experience and focus on the most important aspects, bringing complex ideas and delivering them in a minimalistic way that only requires a couple of minutes per day. This is how we co-founded GG Apps.