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GGather is a place where you save, organize, share & discover all of the wonderful internet stuff that you don't want to lose.

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If Refind and Pocket had a baby! ;-)
@adithya I was thinking more :)
@rrhoover One quick question: how do we hyperlink text in the comments that we post here? (Like you did, asking for the benefit of the community 😉)
Hi Guys! Thank you Eric for submitting it for me! GGather aims to be a platform where you can store-and-forget all your internet stuff and which you can later find with ease when you need it. And the best part is that you can search not only for your stuff but also for other people public stuff which they found useful and saved. The social bookmarking part utilizes public tags as its base. You can subscribe to any public tag and see its contents from inside your library like you would have with your own tag. You also have a feed on main page where you can see contents from all your subscribed tags (which is a kind of similar to Twitter). You can discover public tags & people here: Personally I still have some single bookmarks in my browser bookmarks bar which I use frequently but I've exported all other bookmarks to GGather that I might need in future and which I don't use as much. Here are couple of examples: If you don't want to participate in "public bookmarking" thing but you like how the GGather works in term of saving & accessing bookmarks then you have the option to subscribe to Pro account for $2.50 a month which makes you able to save private bookmarks and tags and additionaly helps to maintain and grow GGather. It still has a long way to go - right now I'm working on showing you only quality & relevant stuff tailored to you and also making it even easier to save from all devices. And a lot of stuff is planned for future which I'll implement even if GGather won't have a big traction, mainly because I'm using it myself heavily and it already makes my life easier. If you have any questions or feedback then I'll answer it all here. I'm excited to see you use GGather and I hope you can find it useful! If yes then please share it around so we can build the greatest database of curated & organized stuff that there is.
@serafindominik congrats on the launch! How does this compare with other solutions, like Refind?
@chrismessina thanks! I've found out about Refind after having good part of GGather already developed. I actually love the work that @dominikg has done with it and I sometimes use it myself. I also can't hide the fact that my product is really similar to to Refind, even in terms of user interface. I can only say it was a coincidence. The biggest differences are in the actual execution. If I could sum it up I would say that Refind is more ephemeral in terms of discovering, following and discovering content. You find interesting content, digest it, maybe resave it and you go with your day. It's more like news site with bookmarking features. And nothing wrong with it - like I've said I'm using Refind myself sometimes. What I'm aiming at with GGather is something a little different. I also have "feeds" where you can find new stuff, etc. But my main focus is making a service which is the "database" of the most quality stuff and where you go when you want to find something specific at the time when you only need it. It can be either something you've saved in past or something that someone else saved. The social part of it comes from my assumption is that people (for the most part) bookmark only the stuff that's the most useful and interesting and I want to leverage that. There is a still long way for GGather to do that, but I think what I've now is a pretty good start.
@serafindominik cool, thanks. Sounds a little like a crowdsourced link directory then, in purpose and function?
@chrismessina yeah I think that you could also describe it like this
@serafindominik congrats on the launch mate.

Really loving the ui and minimalist design. The tagging system that includes colour codes is also great. It's exactly what I've been looking for to use as a bookmarking archive / read later / mood board combination app. I'm excited to see how it continues to grow and develop.


Clean interface, easy to use, nice chrome extension


Only wish there was an iOS app

Best bookmark manager out there by far in terms of features. I've tried it all and this just beats them all.


Customizability, Number of Features (especially pro users), UI Modern and Flat