GG Sex Life

Research-backed mental training for better confidence in bed

#2 Product of the DayMarch 11, 2019
We are a small team based in Tel Aviv, excited to launch our newest project.
Together with Dr. Guy Doron, researcher and clinical therapist, we developed a discreet, safe and easy method for improving people's sex-related thought process and sexual wellbeing.
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Cool when people take the leap and decide to make products in this category, such an important aspect of life that is seldom enough talked about atleast in the mainstream, well done!
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@aaronoleary Thanks for your comment! We developed GG Sex Life as part of our platform content roadmap, however only once getting to the core of it we realised how underserved this topic really is. Coming from a psychology-first approach (our first apps deal with OCD and BDD), this product actually allows us to offer people some more fun and satisfaction, which is a great feeling!
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Hi, I’m Dr Guy Doron a clinical Psychologist, researcher and the developer of the GG Platform. As a clinical psychologist dealing with various emotional difficulties, I found sexual problems have a significant impact on individual’s well being, general life satisfaction and relationship success. If you have any questions about how the app works please comment below.
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@rocka What does GG stand for?
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@rocka is this clinically trialled or just research backed?
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@seb_r Thank you for the important question. The GG Platform is based on CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) models. Using the applications allows users to learn more flexible, healthy and adaptive self-talk, quickly and easily. Each app taps elements that research has shown to underly particular types of distress. Several articles have been published regarding the effectiveness of the GG Platform ( see For instance, using GGRO (our app for relationship doubts) for 3 min a day for a period of two weeks has been shown to reduce relationship doubts and other obsessions. (an non-profit organization assessing app quality) gave GGOC a credibility score of 4.28 of 5.00. According to them, this score indicates we are in the top 10th percentile of apps in terms of strength of the scientific research support for the app itself, and the therapeutic interventions the app provides.
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@rocka thanks for such a detailed response. It looks like you guys have done quite a lot to validate your apps - impressive! I've just looked at your other apps, I don't know if they work or not but you've covered a few areas of therapy. How do you plan to validate your apps in the market and get users?
@rocka @seb_r Thanks again for your positive feedback. Our strategy is currently focusing on product and research, while allowing for organic growth and using minimal promotion. We are trying to find the core user base and only then expand further - this is going to be a challenge!
This app brings new meaning to the Get It button.
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@sarah_e_welch True, now let's just hope people Get It...