Gfycat for Gmail put GIFs directly inside Gmail! That’s right. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and more browsers. Once you add it into your Gmail account, it’s everywhere you access Gmail—even the Gmail mobile app. Goodbye GIF browser extensions for Gmail. Hello Gfycat for Gmail.

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Hi and thanks everyone for checking out Gfycat’s GMail add-on. We have been using it internally and we’ve seen a huge increase in engagement with email. GIFs are such an expressive medium and in many cases help us express visually very subtle differences in emotions. Use it for your newsletters, to respond to email outreach, and to elicit responses to your emails. Giving email a more fun angle is tremendously beneficial to corporate and personal communication. Please give us feedback! 😀
I’m a huge fan of Gfycat and am excited I can now use GIFs in Gmail. It’s been a huge oversight for years. Nice work guys!
Nice! I would even do a Chrome extension that can add gifs to every input field that would support it.
As a huge fan of gfycat, I can only be happy that now I can make the most boring form of communication (email) a little bit more entertaining! Great job on the launch!
Thank you for hunting us, @chrismessina! Hello hunters! In closely working with the team at Gmail, we have now launched the first ever add-on for GIFs that lives directly inside your Gmail inbox—regardless of web browser (we see you Safari users)! It also lives inside the Gmail for Android app. A few things that are very important to note in using this product right now. 1. You will only see the add-on when you have clicked into the Conversation View (an email thread). 2. The functionality permitted by Gmail through add-ons right now is for you to reply with a GIF (see further below on what’s coming next). That means clicking on a GIF will create a reply draft and insert the GIF into the draft. 3. By the current design of add-ons, you cannot create a draft and then click a GIF to insert it. A very simple work around for this is to drag a GIF from the add-on into a draft you are already working on. 4. On Android, the Gfycat for Gmail add-on lives at the bottom of every message thread underneath the big Reply, Reply All, Forward button on the bottom of the screen. A few things that are coming soon. Gmail just announced these at Google Cloud Next this week in San Francisco. 1. The Gfycat for Gmail add-on (and other add-ons) will soon be available from the Message Compose view. That means you can start drafts from scratch and our “GIF” add-on will be available to you there. Simple and easy. Once we have the go-ahead from Gmail, we’ll make that update. It will also apply to when you are composing a draft from the Gmail for Android app. This will alleviate the friction from some of the points I mentioned above. 2. Add-ons may soon be visible when you are just looking at your Gmail inbox view. You’ll see it underneath the Calendar, Keep, and Tasks icons in the sidebar so you always see the add-ons you’ve installed even when you are just browsing your inbox. Please let us know of any feedback you have for us either here on PH or at Happy Gmail-ing!