Turn GIFs into lightweight HTML5 videos that you can share

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Josh Barkin
Co-founder @
Seriously, this deserves to be in a PH collection named "Hall of Fame"
Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
The homepage does a poor job of communicating why you would want to turn a GIF into an HTML5 video. Check out the About page for a demo and more information on why this is awesome. From the site: - Speed - Average is 8 times faster. - Unlimited size - No need to use inferior hosts. Have that 25mb gif you want to share? No problem! - Nifty features - Play in reverse, slo mo, speed up, or pause and analyze frame by frame.
Arjun Balaji
hacker, autodidact, sports fan
Fortunately, this has been adapted as the default choice of "gif" sharing on Reddit. :) So blazingly fast and smooth, you wonder why everyone doesn't support HTML embedding (or automatically convert GIFs --> HTML5 video).
Love the product fun and easy to use I tried it in messenger, great way to send a sketch!

I tried the app in messenger and it works nice


Love the messenger integration


- Would like to see a bigger screen or multiple animation style drawings

- Can be a bit slow to compile