Turn your Gmail into a social feed to read through faster

#5 Product of the DayAugust 07, 2017

gfeed is the best way to scan your Gmail. It works at "Instagram speed", which turns out to be pretty fast. And you'll never believe that your email could look so beautiful.

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First launch on Product Hunt, so a bit nervous. gfeed lets you zip through your Gmail at "Instagram speed", which turns out to be pretty fast. The project started about a year ago as a playful experiment in email interface design and has now become an app that I use daily to get to "inbox zero". If you currently subscribe to the PH email newsletter, I can promise you an especially rad experience. Looking forward to your feedback! Disclaimer: Works with Gmail only; if you use Google Inbox and rely on features like pinning and snoozing, this won't be as useful.
@hugo_olliphant love it! this is awesome ๐Ÿ’Œ
@hugo_olliphant Really cool concept. A couple of requests: 1. It'd be great to customize actions when you scroll. E.g. I use SaneBox so I'd love it to mark as read, remove all labels (including @SaneLater) and then Archive. 2. It'd be great to be able to customize the feed. Again, using SaneBox it'd be great to say only show "Inbox" or "All Mail".
Looks great. Awesome explainer video btw. I haven't installed it yet - so question in the mean time - do you auth the client and fetch e-mails on the device itself, or does any (your) server come in between as well?
@dotmanish The server sits in the middle, I'm afraid. There's an algorithm and a lot of network chatter that sorts out the ideal preview image (not always that well). Many of the libraries that I have dependencies on are only available server-side. I'm sure there is a way to run this on a client-only basis, but this started as a design experiment and this was the easiest path.
@hugo_olliphant Got that. With this kind of setup, a strong Privacy Policy is what several users would look for (I would). I don't see a Privacy Policy link on the website at the moment. IMHO, you should specify how long the email data sits on the server in FAQ. Is it retained, etc?
@dotmanish Good idea. I'll work on getting a policy in place.
Been testing this for about an 15 minutes, got through a massive amount of unread email in that time. Love the idea of using the scroll function as something in between a preview and a full-read. Can't wait to see how this product evolves. Nice work @hugo_olliphant!
This app is sure asking for a lot of access to my data with very few assurances that itโ€™s doing anything to protect it.
@trulyadamant cc: @dotmanish This is what I'm thinking. Archived/deleted items purged from the database as soon as they are archived/deleted. Other items purged 30 days after last viewing since they are needed for speedy display. And a "Purge" option in the menu to clear your server-side cache.
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