A global map of 500,000+ open, public WiFi hotspots

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Hey, I'm one of the cofounders of getWiFi/Meshable. We wanted to make free WiFi simple to find, no app required. We are also bringing free WiFi to small businesses that traditionally do not offer it (e.g. food trucks Happy to answer any questions! (Follow us at @MeshableHQ <3)
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@rgawdzik @meshablehq Interesting! Wondering about the tech behind it. Is it something like a proximity scan for open networks?
@kovlex @meshablehq For the mobile version of getWiFi, we perform proximity scans when you have no current WiFi connection to find nearby networks that we know are free. Here is our tech stack: - Elixir ( - Phoenix Framework ( w/ Postgres - Convox (
@rgawdzik @meshablehq hey why is there no zoom in, zoom out option? found it difficult to navigate.
@nambitious @meshablehq Hey Nambirajan, you can zoom in and out using your mouse scroll.
Super useful!
i don't know how to use it
@zhangming086 Try out a sample query such as "philz" into the top left, and when you select the first item you should zoom into the map like so: You can also scroll around the map using your mouse cursor/scrollwheel.
Love this! Just wondering how you were able to add this many before the crowd sourcing feature was added?
How can we add to this map?
@muloka We are adding crowd sourcing functionality; atm you can send me the access points you want to add at: