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Greetings from GetWhiteHats, Hunters! – I’m Allan, the CEO, and Co-founder of GetWhiteHats. Thank you for checking out our Product. If you have questions, you can reach us on our Facebook page ( or email us at We love getting questions, inquiries, and support, so we’ll be available all day long! We’re ecstatic to be launching our crowdsourced platform on Product Hunt after pushing through our open beta. Why did we start GetWHiteHats? - Everybody needs advancement to their security, so why let them deprive themselves? That line and the thought of “Making the cyberspace a better and more secure place” really inspired me on starting this Product. As I have observed from the years that I have been a White Hat Hacker, only known websites have the confidence of signing up for a security program. We really aim every Site, including start-ups, to start a security program. This all started when I saw that most Companies in our country, the Philippines, are vulnerable to hacking attacks from when I began my ethical hacking journey, up until now. So we are here to give a helping hand to every known Site! What do we need? - We need everyone’s help in our journey to accomplish our mission. You can register as a White Hat Hacker, or if you are a Product owner, do not hesitate to register your program in our platform to start a security program! For White Hat Hackers, Visit us on and register as a White Hat. For companies, you can email us at Let us join hands in strengthening the world's capability to build a safer cyberspace.
Always wanted to get a white hat... But hey this looks great, have your product get torn to shreads by some enthusiastic peeps, prior to Product Hunt traffic mayhem, let's test their site shall we? ;) @atompentester can you share some stories or vision why you've built this, and what do you need from the Product Hunt community?
in the spirit of constructive criticism, the stock image you selected for the "Security is our top priority" marquee looks like a parody. I would definitely swap that out. Also, your clients page displays the same Optimizely screen shot next to each company's name.
Hello @jeff_nolan , Thanks for the suggestion. We've just changed the stock image and we fixed the mock up displayed in clients page but it is currently hidden in production. Thanks, Allan