Create your own live-video streaming channel.

Create your own live-video streaming channel. Host your own show and invite guests and audience to join you onstage, or explore and join other Live GetVokl events. Similar to a radio call-in show but with video. Simulcast to Facebook, YouTube, & Periscope too!
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13 Reviews5.0/5

Excellent platform with various features to record your own podcast and steam to different platforms. GetVokl reminds me of Blab but has more options to engage with your online audience like creating your own 'room' for video conferencing.


I have been using GetVokl for 6 months and it's a great way to discuss topics varying from tech to education with a live audience.


There is not an option to add a co-host yet. This will be added in the future to enhance the user experience.

umm when you make a room or broadcast, you need the email to add a cohost of the broadcast..
Hi GetVokl team, I'm happy with the platform so far. GetVokl is more than a platform to live stream and have discussions. It is a platform with various possibilities for podcasters. Can you tell us more about the (upcoming) features podcasters can use?
Social TV for Live Video Communities.
GetVokl is up-beat and possesses a great vibe momentum offering the global community a more open, collectively conscious and fun communication platform to enjoy without the pitfalls of negativity.
I love the banana