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Nice to see a fellow Aussie on Product Hunt front page. What a cool service as well :)
So delivery folks have smart phones and this provides tracking capabilities for the office based guys. It can also be used for on the field teams and so on. Helps manage delivery fleet, and I think it notifies customers of delivery statuses. I can imagine companies like Shyp might find something like this useful; if they haven't already built a bespoke solution.
lots of these popping up now, Tookan was posted a few weeks ago. This service/app seems a lot more primitive in terms of where they're at, vs OnFleet, which is a company that I've advised for ~18 months now and has great features and established customers. Maybe this is just going after the Australian market?
@_jacksmith cc @joelmac_ what are your thoughts here?
@_jacksmith Hi Jack! Swift was originally built to manage our own delivery company that we started 2 years ago. We scaled this company from AUS into the US through bigger ecommerce partnerships including Instacart. The software works nicely for multinational decentralised warehouse delivery models as well as your smaller operators. So the system and engine has now had 2 years of "battled hardened" refinement through our own real-world logistics experience in AUS/US. Those two markets were what we considered POC markets for us whilst running our delivery company and now the distribution of Swift is growing beyond.
I wonder how they handle routing. Is it by who ordered first? If you can solve this as a dynamic traveling salesman problem, you could be onto something.
@philipithomas indeed we have solved dynamic routing - that's one of our value adds : )