Power your app w/ easy-to-integrate social building blocks

GetSocial is a software as a service solution for mobile apps empowering marketing and product teams with growth tools to maximize user acquisition, engagement, and retention.

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GetSocial is a cloud based mobile social-engagement platform providing app developers with tools to help them through user acquisition, retention and monetization, tools include user personalisation and analytics, social engagement and communication. Find more at
In the process of writing a blurb about this stuff for and I must say I've stayed impressed with the tech these guys are developing. Simple concept, sophisticated execution. Plus, smart-cool guys to interview too :)
@pascalclarysse Thanks for the kind words, Pascal.
Great team, great product. It has been fun watching GetSocial gain traction!
Love The team!
Looks really good. Are you planing to allow attach images in the Smart Invites? That would be the missing feature to use getSocial instead of + custom invites.
@ompemi Thanks, Omar. With the Smart Invite feature you're already able to attach an image to an invite!
@jonbutterfield1 @ompemi that is correct. We've support about 12 popular messaging apps being used natively and for each one you have the capacity to localise the message and tailor the image per platform, you can also prioritise and rank each messaging app depending on where you're showing your app. To share some data to this as well. We've seen over 88% of all invites coming from our tech come via Whatsapp, KiK, Line, Kakao, Line and more. Aside from the vanity metric, the click to install is blowing existing data out of the water!